Jessica's poem

People of Colour


Whether visible or not, a disability can make you feel lonely and isolated, especially as a student. In this volume of Voices, students share how their disabilities have shaped their university experience.  

People of Colour

The third year of Voices kicked off with People of Colour, looking at how students of colour are affected by living in areas of the country that are less diverse. 



With more and more students coming from overseas to Britain for their education, it's about time we hear what they think of life in the UK.  


Everyone goes through trials and tribulations. Our students bravely share some of their stories 


Tall, small, small, big: everyone is unique and it's our differences are that make us beautiful.   


Gender is a hot topic and one greatly misunderstood. Hear from students about their experience of exploring their gender and the levels of acceptance they have received from others.  


A collection of stories that celebrate love, no matter who that is with or for. Love is love is love.  


The university setting brings together a wide variety of faiths which gives us the chance to explore  

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