About the Voices Project

The Voices project was created with two aims. Firstly, to help provide qualitative feedback to the students’ union in order for the President Welfare and Inclusivity of Falmouth and Exeter Students' Union to be able to better represent the needs of an increasingly diverse cohort of students.


Secondly, and perhaps more pertinently, the project endeavoured to provide a platform for minority students to have their voices heard and share their stories, creating a more inclusive and accepting environment for them to study in.


In essence, Voices is a liberation campaign; a platform designed to provide oppressed groups of students an opportunity to tell their story, to educate those outside of their oppressed collective, and to reach out to other students whose social groups are marginalised by society and might be experiencing a sense of isolation due to this. This type of project is especially necessary for areas such as Cornwall where the diversity of the population is limited and cultural understanding can be lacking.

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